Blueberry Phone - 7200 Full Specifications

If you need a blueberry phone that has a comfortable keypad, reasonably larger screen (no touch screens here), fully supports the GSM dual band and a solid design... then the 7200 is a pretty decent phone. But in my honest opinion because of the lack of wireless networks such as 3G or Wi-Fi the keypad is simply "wasted" (which of course depending on your needs).

For instance, because of the roomy keypad (QWERTY) you can use it for services such as Facebook or Twitter type online social services for which usually users depend heavily on a nice keyboard. But still what can you do with all the "space" if you don't have a faster internet connection?.

Although this is not a replacement for a superior smart phone such as Blackberry for instance when considering the solid design, lack of faster wireless networks or the display quality but, 7200 is not bad choice at all. Anyway here is the full hardware details.

*. Dual band GSM support - 900/1800 MHZ.

*. Only 3G no Wi-Fi.

*. Full QWERTY keypad.

*. Screen - TFT 262k color depths, QVGA, 2.2 inches.

*. 320x240 resolution. 

*. SMS/MMS support.

*. Comes with the opera mini browser (with WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML support).

*. The manufacture claims it is a "Facebook ready" phone.. but only if you're happy with browsing web via GPRS or EDGE.

*. Bluetooth and USB port included.

*. 1000 mAh Battery with 6 hours of talk time + 500 hours of standby time (20 days roughly).

*. Comes with both Black and White colors.

*. Back camera with 0.3 MP.

*. FM radio. 

*. Weights about 88 grams.

So if you're okay with the lack of faster networks or a gorgeous looking display... when considering the battery and the reasonably larger keypad + good looking design, the blueberry phone 7200 model does meet the requirements of the "crowd" the manufacturer aims at anyway (you know if all you want is a simple phone for getting decent calls or typing SMS/MMS with ease for example). But if you're serious about the internet experience, then this is certainly not be the best "solution" either.

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