Blueberry phone - L900

Blueberry phone - "A Chinese named phone called the L900 has been released. Well its apparent that this is a Blackerry version of the Chinese competitors. Anyway this phones' specifications are as follows."

* Follow the URL link for an updated review of the new Blueberry Phone + pictures, etc

* A camera which supports up to 640 x 480 resolution

* Speakers with audio Bass and other feature support

* A physical QWERTY keyboard - The keypad is actually good, it could be a bit hard to type. But it just feels like the Chinese manufactures has done well here

* Networks - Bluetooth and GPRS (that's it with the blueberry phone networks - no 3GS or other popular wireless solutions)

* Supports Dual Sims - This comes as a standard feature with most of the Chines blueberry phone

* Store up to 300 address and names in memory (Phone-book)

* One game - The famous Snake game is embedded in this phone

* Dimensions - 115 mm length, 67 mm width,

The Blueberry phone will cost you around $165. And don't hope for a fast and durable smart phone features from this phone. But I've got to say, it certainly looks cool!

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