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This is a recently introduced BlueBerry Phone called the JINPENG ZL-9000. It's actually an interesting electronic gadget. When in comparison with the older version this certainly has some impressive characteristics. If you look at the image below you'll see that it's more wider, slimmer and certainly has a bigger + better looking screen. And the label called the BlueBerry Phone is certainly looks like the American BlackBerry. Anyway let's have a look at some of the other characters of this unit.   

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The keypad is certainly looking bigger thanks to the overall size of the phone. And it uses the more conventional navigational keys which replaces the newer track-pad trend. This is again a Chinese production but I have to admit that as the time moves on it has certainly evolved with more and more rich features (useful) through which the users can benefit themselves.

OK let's see some of the hardware specifications...

The screen consists of 2.4in area with 240x320 pixels of resolution which looks really nice. You can't hope to get 16 Million color depths but still the 65k is pretty decent. Since it does not use massive resolutions it won't hurt the overall quality that much either. Both polyphonic and mp3 are supported. You can create a SMS while listening to an audio track, etc (these aren't surprisingly new things anyway but as mentioned earlier the BlueBerry Cell Phone has evolved really well).

Both the popular 3GP and MP4 are supported as video playback (low resolutions). 1.3 MPX camera is again ok but won't suit anyone who wants to replace your gorgeous 12MPX Samsung Amoled family phone but then again you can't ask much from these type of low budget devices either. Bluetooth, GPRS, WAP, and GSM are there for networks.

This won't give you any WiFi or HSDPA (3G, etc) but other features like dual-SIM for instance are included.

It comes with a 512MB internal memory card but the capacity can be expanded in the future according to the user needs through the internal microSD slot.

The phone-book supports up to 200 contact details in the memory. They've included a FM radio as well. It weights about 110grams and the battery has a standby time duration of 11 days but this will certainly depends on the actual usage and the numbers can go either up or down according to the conditions.

The talk time includes a maximum of 4 hours and 10 minutes which is again can differ. But when you purchase they give you certain things like a ear-phone, charger, cable and TWO batteries!. So all in all in comparison it's previous version this blueberry mobile phone has gone through some serious changes which are really positive and let's see what the future brings us.

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