Blueberry Phone, 8200

8200 is another recently announced blueberry phone model from CSL that comes with an affordable price (as always), powered by the MTK platform OS, an analogue TV and the unforgivable dual SIM feature are among main hardware features.

Below is the full hardware specifications in a brief...

*. GSM quad-band network support.

*. Weights about 90 grams.

A really good looking design!

*. Display size - unknown (even the manufacture does not reveal it, poor user friendly service).

*. Includes a phone book, Call records and SMS/MMS, etc.

*. For networks - GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth are included (again their speeds, etc are still unknown).

*. USB port and an infrared ports are there.

*. Comes with Black and white colors.

*. Few games.

*. Camera (no details such as mega-pixels can be found).

*. 340 stand-by time.

*. 144 hours of talk time (these time frames however will change according to actual usages).

To be honest CSL do have some quality products but one thing that I've seen in most of their products is that the poorly laid-out hardware details support even on their home page. Anyway in comparison with other blueberry phone models such as the zl-9000 the 8200 series has done well when considering Wi-Fi, 3G and the beautiful looking design for instance. 

Go to this manufacture page for more.

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